About Adventist Mission


The purpose of the department is to support the various mission activities of the church through the following means:

  1.  Mission Awareness – Keeping a continual focus on the world mission program of the church by informing members of church growth, statistics and mission extension into new areas and people groups. Sharing stories of conversion, witness and evangelism.
  2. Mission Offering Promotion – Promoting the various needs and projects of world mission through Sabbath School offerings, camp-meeting mission offerings, special project giving and other world mission offerings.
  3. Global Mission – Managing the application of global mission funds to appropriate projects throughout the Division that results in planting new churches in un-entered areas or people groups.
  4.  Institute of World Mission (IWM) – Providing training and support to all church members who leave their homeland and cross cultural barriers to work for the mission of the church. Helping the church to work effectively in the context of different cultures and faith communities.
    5. Mission to Conference Status – Assisting Union and Mission administrations in developing missions towards conference status.
    6. Retiree Ministries – Facilitating the utilisation of the experience and talents of retirees who are willing to continue contributing to the ministry and mission of the church

How Adventist Mission Operates

The department exists only at General Conference/ Division level, but operates in close cooperation with the following departments and entities:

  1. Adventist Media & Communication Network – By utilising their facilities and means for communicating information about Adventist Mission to the church. (eg. Hope Channel, Adventist News, Record, The Edge, SPD website, etc)
  2. Stewardship Department – By assisting in stewardship education and the promotion of mission offerings.
  3. Personal Ministries & Sabbath School Department – By fostering personal commitment to mission and witness, and an awareness of Adventist Mission.
  4. Adventist Volunteer Services – By supporting volunteer involvement in the mission of the church, reporting on it, and assisting the promotion and training of VIA.
  5. Expatriate Support (SPD Admin) – By conducting mission institutes and re-entry programs for missionaries.
  6. Global Mission Directors (Unions, Conferences & Missions) – By coordinating the application of Global Mission funds to projects.
  7. Prayer Ministry – By linking prayer networks with mission needs and challenges.
  8. The Institute of World Mission (IWM) – By working in cooperation with IWM in conducting mission institutes and other training programs on cross-cultural ministry.
  9. Church Administration (Unions, Conferences & Missions) – By working in cooperation with Union, Conference and Mission administrators in the promotion of mission initiatives and projects, and by working through Union Missions/Conferences to develop and assist Missions towards Conference status.
  10. Sustentation Support Service – By communicating information of service opportunities through the sustentation monthly “Bulletin” and informing retirees of church mission initiatives and needs.
  11. All other departments in the general promotion and awareness of Adventist Mission

Director of Adventist Mission

Pr Raymond Coombe

Ray was elected to this position in September 2005, and was formerly Assistant to the President (2000-2005) and Division Communication Director for 15 years (1985-2000).

Ray has many years of experience in pastoral and departmental leadership in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and Papua New Guinea. He has a passion for the mission of the church.

Ray has been a missionary and helped to conduct the first Mission Institutes at Avondale College in the 1980s with Dr Gottfried Oosterwal, Dr Russell Staples and Dr Borg Schantz. He was chairman of the Global Mission Committee (2000-2005), and will in this present role be Director of Global Mission, Director of the Institute of World Mission (SPD), and Coordinator of Retiree Ministries. His wife, Daphne is a medical secretary and he has two married daughters and four grandchildren.

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