Global Mission


Global Mission aims to establish an Adventist presence in un-entered territories and un-reached people groups.

It uses the facilities and resources of local churches, Conferences or Missions, to create an interest, conduct community-based programs, Bible studies and evangelistic campaigns, to form new church companies and build churches.

Global Mission projects are selected according to strict criteria and the Strategic plans of a local Conference or Mission. These are called Direct Action Plans (DAPs).

Funds are contributed by each level of church organisation from the local church or District, to the General Conference.

GM Funds can be used to support "volunteer missionaries" - called Global Mission "Pioneers", evangelistic programs and materials, and new church buildings.

By clicking on a particular project, you can read more details about the location and strategy of the project, and see photos that report on the project's progress.

Global Mission Projects in the South Pacific Division (SPD) 2009
Global Mission Projects Details- SPD