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 (Left) Pastor Waisea Vuniwa signs the Sabeto land lease for Fulton College, in Fiji.
This Quarter
4th Quarter 2009 -- South Pacific Division (SPD)  * Relocation of Fulton College & Flip Charts for Children's Ministry Outreach
Update Report on 4th quarter 13th Sabbath Offering Project
  (Below) Island children love 
  the new Flip Chart prototype!

13 Sabbath Offering Projects:
Dan Weber's Visit
Charlotte Ishkanian's Visit

    (Above) Maori welcome for Charlotte

Past Offering Projects & Offering Results (US$)


1st Quarter, 2008 - Euro-Asia Division (ESD) - $650,580 A Community Outreach Centre in Almaty, Kazakstan Churches in Brest, Belarus; Kishinev, Moldova; Irkutsk, Krasnodar. and Petrapavlovsk, Russia.  

2nd Quarter, 2008 - Inter-American Division (IAD) -   Worship rooms for two new Dormitories at the University of the Southern Caribbean; Evangelistic Training Centres in the Inter-Oceanic Union (Mexico) Church in Hidalo Veracruzana Conference (Mexico)

3rd Quarter, 2008 - North American Division (NAD) - Adventist Radio stations across Canada, and the USA 

4th Quarter, 2008 - Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) - Mongolia: Dormitory for Adventist University students; Japan: Chinese language church in Tokyo   Taiwan: Chinese language television ministry


1st Quarter, 2007 - Euro-Africa Division (EUD) - $553,857 - Evangelistic Outreach in Geneva, Switzerland; Outreach to Instanbul, Turkey; Media Centre in Damstadt, Germany.

New Meda Centre built in Germany

2nd Quarter, 2007 - Trans-european Division (TED) - $544,986 - Egypt: Vocational School at Nile Union Academy; Netherlands: Ghanian immigrant church in Amsterdam; Overflow project - Dormitaories at Eyeira Adventist School in Maridi, South Sudan.

3rd Quarter, 2007 - West Central Africa Division (WAD) - $564,483 - Chapels & churches in Benin, Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone  Child Evangelistic Centre, Sierra Leone, Evangelistic Centre, Nigeria;
Secondary School in East Nigeria;Primary School in Cameroon.

4th Quarter, 2007 - Southern Asia Division (SUD) - $610,138 - New Boarding School in Ongole, Andhra; Men's Dormitory at Raymond Memorial High School in Falakata, Bengal; 20 Churches in Orissa State + 20 other churches throughout the Division. 

Past 13th Sabbath School Offering Projects in the South Pacific Division:

2006 - 3rd Quarter - US$512,475 - Papua New Guinea: new mission plane; Fiji: church-evangelistic centre for USP University students in Suva.                                                               

New Aircraft Commissioned for Mission Service
New Mission Plane Proves its Value

Update on 13th Sabbath School Offering Projects

2003 - 2nd Quarter - US$ 453,051 - Papua New Guinea: 25 church buildings; Australia: Purchase of land for Mamarapha Training College for Indigenous Australians

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