Adventist Support

Adventist Support is dedicated to raising awareness and responsibility in the areas of sexual abuse/misconduct in churches and church institutions in Australia and New Zealand. Limited services are available for Norfolk Island.

Adventist Support provides information, education protocols and policies intended to create a safe church and work environment for all.

Some of the specific responsibilities of Adventist Support are:

  1. to provide an alternative to other established legal processes but it does not ignore or replace these processes
  2. to appoint, train and supervise contact persons and pastoral carers
  3. to arrange for appropriate pastoral support to be given to alleged victims and alleged offenders
  4. to arrange regular case meetings and maintain administrative processes
  5. to help raise awareness and a sense of responsibility about sexual abuse and misconduct in churches and church institutions by disseminating information to members, workers, congregations and administrators, as well as to supply educational and training resources to these individuals and groups
  6. to operate and maintain the Adventist Support Line.

Church members or employees can access information and support through the following free phone numbers, or, by sending a letter to the Adventist Support director:

Australia 1800 220 468

Norfolk Island 1800 1410

New Zealand 0800 442 458

If callers decide they want to take further action, the contact person will explain:

  1. The church’s procedures for dealing with such complaints
  2. The availability of pastoral support services
  3. The right to seek legal or civil action
  4. The obligation of the contact person to report all allegations of child sexual abuse or harassment to local statutory authorities
  5. Confidentiality


Workshops for administrators and ministers in

  • crossing boundaries and arenas of safety and on justice making and healing;
  • for teachers on child protection policy for schools; 
  • and for church members in child abuse, sexual harassment and arenas of safety.
Adventist Support Consultancy Services
  • Adventist Support can provide administrators, ministers, alleged victims and alleged perpetrators with relevant information.
  • Administrators can benefit from information about legislation changes and how to implement various policies.
  • Ministers can access advice on how to deal with alleged perpetrators in their congregations and how to support victims.
    Alleged victims can receive counselling and be referred to other sources of support etc.

Printed Materials

Adventist Support provides the following booklets, brochures and leaflets:

Sexual Abuse, a booklet that provides a guide for victims, parents of victims and church congregations.

Creating a Safe Place, a booklet for ministers who need information about how to make churches safe places for all. A shortened version of this information is also available in brochure form.

Creating a Safe Place Policy, a leaflet that provides churches and schools with information on how to draft appropriate policies against sexual misconduct.