Marriage & Family Life

God created the family and marriage. Adventists value the healthy development of marriages and families. We regularly organise programs and seminars to enrich family life and provide counselling services for couples and families in crisis.

Book Review

Searching for Intimacy in Marriage by Dr Bryan Craig

Time and financial stresses, a radically shifting social culture, and changing expectations are only some of the pressures focused today on one of God’s best gifts from Eden–the union of two people in marriage.

This vital book by an experienced marriage and family therapist combines a pastor’s heart with a scholar’s depth to produce a resource that will help pastors, counsellors, couples who are married or are considering marriage discover how to make marriage work despite stresses, despite differences, and despite the high failure rate of even Christian marriages.

This book seeks to examine those processes by which a couple establishes a strong emotional bond with each other and achieves a sense of intimacy in their marital relationship.  It also outlines some of the common barriers that prevent couples from finding the emotional closeness and support so essential to maintaining a long-term, intimate love relationship.

To purchase this book contact your local Adventist Book Centre or the Family Ministries department.