The Adventist Institute of Family Relations (AIFR) aims to strengthen marriage and family relationships, to educate individuals and couples about marriage and to prevent the breakdown of family relationships. It also seeks to support couples in their parenting roles and to safeguard the happiness and wellbeing of children within the family.

Pr Trafford Fishcer is the director of The Adventist Institute of Family Relations.

The AIFR offers the following seminars, workshops and training events. Everyone is welcomed to attend AIFR's seminars. They are organised by request. Contact the Family Ministries Department for more information about the availability of seminars in your area.

Family Seminar Topics

1. Growing Together

Growing Together is a marriage enrichment seminar. It is a 12-hour program designed to help couples improve their marriage relationship by focusing on the process of communication, conflict resolution and sexual satisfaction.


2. Dealing with Family Stress

This seminar helps you identify, and thus avoid, the top 10 factors that create the most stress for families. You will also discover the symptoms of stressed families and how to resolve stressful situations.


3. How to Live with a Teenager and Survive

How to Live with a Teenager and Survive is a must for parents of teenagers. The seminar covers the following topics:

  • Typical teenager attitude and behaviours
  • Adolescent development tasks
  • Depression in teenagers
  • Teenage suicide
  • Counselling teenagers
  • How to get through to a teenager
  • Faith development


4. What Kind of Parents Grow the Best Kids

Parents who attend this seminar learn about:

  • How to empowering children to maturity
  • What are the four different styles of parenting
  • What is the family-religion connection
  • How to perform the 6 tasks of parenting
  • How to transmit values to kids


5. Building Self-esteem

  • How do we build a strong sense of 'self'?
  • How do we avoid those things that destroy self-esteem?

6. Building Happy, Healthy Marriages

  • What stages does your marriage go through?
  • Why is the way couples communicate with each other so important?
  • How should couples deal with anger and conflict?
  • Why do couples need to establish clear boundaries?
  • The Building Happy, Healthy Marriages seminar answers these and other questions.


7. Dealing with Midlife Crisis 

It is not easy to deal with midlife crisis. This seminar explores the following issues:

  • Common issues
  • Couple communication
  • Dealing with anger and conflict
  • Establishing clear boundaries


8. Family Ties that Bind

All healthy families want to have family ties that bind. Attend this seminar to learn more about:

  • Common issues
  • Areas of difference between men and women
  • Developmental tasks in midlife


9. Preventing Marital Burnout

Society puts a lot of stress on marriages and families. It is no wonder spouses are burnt-out. Attend this seminar and avoid being part of the statistics.

The seminar covers the following topics and more:

  • Understanding gender differences
  • Signs of burnout
  • Causes of burnout
  • Ways to beat burnout


10. Love, Sex and Marriage

  • What are the stages of friendship?
  • What is the difference between love and infatuation?
  • Why does the Bible say "no" to sex outside of marriage?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of cohabitation?
  • Interesting questions, aren't they? Attend this seminar to find out the answers.

11. How to Avoid Divorce

  • What are the key signs that marriage is in trouble?
  • What are the 7 things couples need to do to ensure their marriage survives & stays strong?