How do you Teenagers Feel?

This exercise is designed to help parents and teenagers understand how to communicate better with each other.

There are no right or wrong answers. The most helpful answer to each question is the way you feel at the moment. Tick the box that best reflects your answer. ("Yes" = mostly or usually; "No" = seldom or never).

  1. Do your parents wait until you are through talking before "having their say?"  Yes/No

  2. Do your parents seem to respect your opinion? Yes/No

  3. Do your parents tend to lecture and preach to you too much? Yes/No

  4. Do you discuss personal problems with either of your parents? Yes/No

  5. Do your parents tend to talk to you as if you were much younger than you actually are? Yes/No

  6. Do your parents trust you? Yes/No

  7. Do you find it hard to say what you feel at home? Yes/No

  8. Do your parents have confidence in your abilities? Yes/No

  9. Do you hesitate to disagree with either of them? Yes/No

  10. Do you fail to ask your parents for things because you fell they'll deny your requests? Yes/No

  11. Do they really try to see your side of things? Yes/No

  12. Do your parents consider your opinion in making decisions that concern you? Yes/No

  13. Do you ask them their reasons for the decisions they make concerning you? Yes/No

  14. Do you help your parents to understand you by telling them how you think and feel? Yes/No

- by Millard J Blenvenu

Parent-Teacher Communication, Public Affairs Pamphlet No. 438, NY