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Are you holding an event in the community and would like to tell others about Adventist health principles?

The following resources will help you to share the benefits of following an Adventist lifestyle.

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Health Programs for Your Community

To enquire about the following programs, contact Adventist Health.

Taking Charge of Your Health

Taking Charge of Your Health brings together over 30 international health experts in seven exciting multimedia presentations. The 30 minute presentations have been developed to address health and well-being. Each presentation presents practical solutions and information for making positive changes that will improve your life. The set of five DVDs cost AUD $54.95,

Additional resources:

  • Taking Charge of Your Health Resource CD - AUD$20.00
  • Taking Charge of Your Health Poster - AUD$1.30 each, to advertise the program.

The Healthy Weigh - A Weight Management Program

Maintaining health is a lifelong journey which involves making choices that will help you live a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life. Achieving a healthy weight is a pursuit for optimal health rather than a mission to obtain the "perfect" body.

This program is all about helping you to achieve your helthy weight goals and improve your overall health and well-being. It can be run over a period of weeks and months so people can commit to making lifelong changes in their eating habits. 

Materials needed:

  • Healthy Weigh Resource CD (contains all the information needed to run the program) - AUD$20
  • Healthy Weigh Work book - participant manuals - AUD$5 each
  • Healthy Weigh Poster AUD$1.30 each
  • Healthy Weigh Flyer AUD$6.70 per 100

Heel N Toe - Your Local Walking Club

Heel N Toe is a community walking program to help remove some of the barriers keeping us from becoming more physically active.

Some may have to start with baby steps, others who already have a high level of fitness may simply enjoy the social benefits of exercising with friends. Heel N Toe caters to all levels of fitness.

This program can be run concurrently with the Weight Management program.
Resources for this program are on the Healthy Weigh CD.

Marketing material:

  • Heel N Toe Poster AUD$1.30 each
  • Heel N Toe Flyer AUD$6.70 per 100

Stress Beyond Coping

Seminar developed by Skip MacCarthy is the answer to the universal stress problem. Extensively researched and attractively illustrated it introduces spiritual principles skilfully and non-offensively.

Package includes:

  • Instructor’s Manual, (word for word script for six two hour sessions)
  • PowerPoint illustrations on CD
  • One set of participant workbooks for AUD$175

Cost of package - AUD$175

Participant Workbooks - $15 (set of 6, one for each session)


Quit Now! is an effective stop-smoking program.

  • Facilitators Resource Kit - AUD$87.00
  • The facilitators guide to presenting the 7 Steps to Freedom - AUD$87.00
  • QUIT Now! 5 Pack - AUD$82.50
    5 sets of participant materials for group or individual stop smoking programs.
    Each set includes workbook, pen, magnet, choice card, 7 booklets and forms.
  • QUIT Now! 1 set of Participant Materials costs AUD$17.60

Computer Health Assessments

These computer health assessments are ideal for seminars, exhibitions and events in the community.

  • Your Health Age - AUD$175
    Calculates a health age based on 7 lifestyle behaviours and compares with actual age.
    Your Health Age (100 Questionnaire/Report Forms) - AUD$18
  • Your Stress Profile - AUD$175
    Presents 6 indicators of stress coping status and compares to general wellness scores.
    Your Stress Profile (100 Questionnaire/Report Forms) - AUD$18
  • Your Coronary Risk - AUD$175
    Your Coronary Risk is an excellent tool to awaken interest in heart health.This program is designed to collect data that indicate risks for heart disease and to educate people on how to reduce that risk.
    Your Coronary Risk (100 Questionnaire/Report Forms) - AUD$18

Health Books

To purchase the following books and leaflets, contact Adventist Health

  • Use and Safety of Common Herbs – Winston Craig
    A useful reference on herbs and herbal teas. - 77 pages, AUD$14.95
  • Good Grief – Granger E Westberg
    A constructive approach to the problem of Loss - 56 pages, Available for free.

Health Booklets

A range of full colour health education booklets (8-16 pages). Ideal for school, community and church programs.

  • Active for Life
    For all the family. The why and how of fitness
  • Alcohol
    A contemporary style for youth reveals vital facts about alcohol.
  • Who Needs Drugs?
    Especially for youth. How to live drug free.
  • Stressed Out?
    Youth, young adults. How to manage stress. Use with the video Stressed Out?
  • Living Smart with Less Stress
    All you need to know about stress – in a nutshell.
  • Eating Smart
    All about nutrition. Ideal for cooking and weight management classes.
    A3 Poster - Eating Smart is AUD$2 each

Booklet Prices:

Quantity Cost (AUD)
1-24 0.55 cents each
25-99 0.50 cents each
100-499 0.45 cents each
500-1000 0.40 cents each

Health Leaflets

Each leaflet costs AUD$0.75 cents each.

Your Heart – What Smoking May Do

  • Corrosion of the Inner Lining
  • Damage to the Body Pump
  • Arteries Get Hurt Too
  • Making of a Blood Clot

If You Smoke – Here’s What Your Doctor May See

  • Lung Cancer
  • Arteries Get Clogged Up!
  • What About Cholesterol?
  • Smoking and Arteriosclerosis
  • Smokers May Suffocate
  • From Health Lungs to Broken air sacs

Health Videos

To purchase the following videos, contact Adventist Health.

  • Go Vegetarian
    Introduces an exciting and healthy way of eating. Reviews the history of types, benefits, reasons and myths of vegetarian eating.
    Length 18 mins, AUD$29.95
  • Stressed Out?
    A video for youth and young adults. Discover how stress can work for you instead of against you.
    Length 22 mins, AUD$29.95
  • Second Chance: 1 of 10
    One family’s story of lung cancer. Shows every step from diagnosis, surgery and recover. Only 1 in 10 survive. Excellent for QUIT Now! Programs.
    Length 33 mins, AUD$20.00
  • Confessions of a Simple Surgeon
    This is a 20 minutes video featuring the well known anti-smoking campaigner, Dr Arthur Chesterfield-Evans. Follow Arthur’s humorous, yet hard hitting expose of the darker side of the tobacco conspiracy, especially the recruitment of young smokers through clever imagery in advertising.
    Length 25 mins, AUD$24.95
  • Adventist Health Story
    Everything you wanted to ask Adventists about why good health is so important . . . but were afraid to ask. This is a magazine style video which investigates the positive claims about Adventist lifestyle.
    Length 47 minutes, FREE

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