One of Life’s Important Questions - How to have a relationship with Jesus 

The news about Jesus Christ has been a talking point through human history. Nobody can deny Jesus continues to have an impact on the human race. We talk about time as BC or AD in relation to Him. No other person has had the influence that He has on the whole human race.

We tend to examine Jesus Christ and His claims when we feel we have a problem. While everything may appear to be cool and going well, we have basically ignored the Creator of the universe and rebelled against Him. We don’t like the idea of Him telling us what to do, so we either take no notice of Him or just rebel against Him.

I know that sounds heavy - but how else do you tell a swimmer there is a crocodile in the river coming his way?

All of us in our reflective moments realise we have done, said and thought things that are less than perfect. This is what the Bible calls sin. It is this failure to always do the right thing that is the source of misery and problems in our relationships.

The Bible describes it as being cut off from the life God wants for us. He wants to give us a life filled with happiness and friendship. When we disobeyed everything went wrong.

An illustration may help. Imagine cutting a single rose off a rose bush and sticking it in a vase of water. Its colour and form is beautiful and its scent exhilarating, but the rose is in reality dying. It’s cut off from its source of life. You could give it the best food in the world, but in a few days it will be dead.

Just like the rose, people are cut off from their life source. God is the only source of real life, but because of our disobedience we can’t have it. Sometimes people say to me: "But Geoff, I feel good about my life." Sure, but so does the rose in the vase of water… for awhile. In fact the Bible puts it this way, "we are dead in our sins" (Ephesians, chapter 2 and verse 1).

But there is some good news.

About two thousand years ago Jesus Christ lived. He taught things that seemed so different to what most people believed that the authorities finally arrested and crucified Him. Three days later He came back to life and appeared to His friends and others showing that He was in fact the Son of God.

Perhaps you might wonder why somebody who was the all-powerful, all-knowing Creator of the universe would give up His position and become a man and die at the hands of His own creation. The answer is basic: He loves us with even a greater passion than a parent loves their child.

By dying on the cross, Jesus Christ took the penalty you and I deserve.

He died in my place. He was treated as I deserve so that I might be treated as He deserves. He was innocent but He took the blame for me.

It’s like being on death row and then have somebody step up and say, "I will pay the penalty." Our rebellion resulted in us becoming guilty but Jesus’ death and resurrection provide complete and underserved forgiveness. In fact God goes even further and considers us good or righteous.

The Bible says, "God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God." (2 Corinthians, chapter 5 and verse 21).

Modern science has made it possible for a single rose to be grafted and restored back onto the branch from which it came. There it receives new life from its source. God has been doing that for centuries for people who ask Him to change their life. Once this happens, God opens up to them a whole new life full of the things He originally intended for them such as love, purpose in life, joy, happiness and satisfaction.

Our Response 

Faith is a word that the Bible mentions a lot. Faith simply means trust. You see, before you can become a Christian, you need to not only know in your head that Jesus died to take away the world’s punishment, but also trust that He took your punishment so that you could be forgiven.

Remember that God is very keen for you to ask Him to accept you. He will accept you just as you are. If you are not too sure what to say to God when you are ready to give your life to Him, here is a short prayer that might be helpful. It is not so much the words as it is the sincerity of heart that makes our requests acceptable to God

God, I know that I have done many things that are wrong.

"Delight yourself in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart." Psalms 37: 4

What about the future?

If you want a relationship to grow, you must spend time in getting to know that person. It is the same with your relationship with Jesus.

We would like to offer you a free online guide to help you continue your relationship with Jesus. The online guide, entitled "Try Jesus", is offered by the Adventist Discovery Centre. This is a free service, with no obligations attached to it.

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  • I’ve lived a life in rebellion against you.
    I am sorry and ask that you will forgive me please.
    I accept that you died in my place and took the punishment that I deserve on the cross.
    I know that you are alive and want you to be the leader in my life.
    I want to obey you from now on. Please give me the power to do what I know to be right.

    Thank you for answering my prayer. Amen!