What is the Seventh-day Adventist lifestyle?

Answer: The Seventh-day Adventist lifestyle is that of a Christian's, where the spiritual aspect is the most important. It impacts the whole lifestyle..

In it, we need to distinguish between what is central to the beliefs, and what may be only cultural. Like most people, Adventists living in a local community can form habits and traditions which are not really regarded as essential for the faith

Here are major changes that will definitely take place in regard to lifestyle:

  • The keeping of the Sabbath is the most significant. There are of course individual variations on keeping the Sabbath, yet there are also general principles. Adventists avoid working and shopping on the Sabbath, we spend time in Bible study (both adults and kids) and we go to church and fellowship with people.

    As a whole, the church often becomes like an extended family to a Seventh-day Adventist. Moreover, Sabbath-keeping influences the whole way we plan and prepare our weekly schedule, our vacations and travel. Many families set aside Friday evening to spend time with each other.
  • General emphasis on healthful living. A non-smoking and non-drinking lifestyle combined with eating less meat and exercising regularly (we do not all do it to the same degree) certainly changes the way we live.