Adventist school in Kiribati does not simply educate

Posted on Oct 22 2007

Kauma, Kiribati
Melody Tan

Pastor Nos Terry with a baptismal candidate from the Kauma Adventist School
Kauma Adventist High School on the Pacific Islands of Kiribati is not only educating its students, but bringing them closer to God.

More than 100 students will be baptised before the end of this year, with 25 more expected in the near future. Last year, the school celebrated its highest record when it baptised 98 students in a day.

Iobwebwe Ientaake, secretary-treasurer of the Kiribati and Nauru Mission, attributes these huge baptismal numbers to the school’s chaplain and staff. “[Kauma Adventist High School] is the main engine of the Kiribati Adventist Mission for soul winning,” he says.

Pastor Nos Terry, director of Sabbath School, Personal Ministries and Global Mission for the Trans Pacifc Union Mission (TPUM) was the guest speaker at the school’s recent Week of Prayer event in late September. 68 people, including four villagers, were baptised at the end.
Kauma baptismal candidates

The 68 baptismal candidates with the school chaplain and Pastor Terry.
“Some of those baptised were non-Adventist students who were studying at Kauma and decided to become Adventists after sitting in Bible classes,” says Pastor Terry. “This school has been the evangelistic centre of the Mission for many years, producing more baptisms than anywhere else in the Mission.”

Two of the students baptised in September were from Nauru, an island without any Adventist presence. Pastor Terry, who plans to launch a Global Mission project on Nauru next year, believes “God is opening doors with these two students.”

There are 300 students at the Kauma Adventist High School and a third of them are non-Adventists.