Our Leaders

We exist to facilitate effective leadership, provide administration support and deliver quality resources and services to enhance the ministry of our churches and institutions in proclaiming the everlasting gospel in the context of the three angel's message of Revelation 14.

The leaders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Pacific bring a wealth of dedication and ministry expertise to their mission.

Their role is to provide -

  • strategic planning
  • general guidance
  • staff development
  • and spiritual vision to other Adventist church leaders in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and other Pacific nations.

It is their goal to inspire Adventist church workers and members throughout the South Pacific region with a vision for ministry and excellence.

Our leaders are -

Delegates to the business sessions of the worldwide Adventist Church, or the General Conference, elect the president, general secretary and chief financial officer every five years.

President - Dr Barry Oliver

Barry Oliver has served the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Pacific as a pastor, evangelist, lecturer and administrator. He is married to Julie, a retired teacher, and they have three adult sons. He began serving as the church's South Pacific Division president in 2008.

Dr Oliver grew up as a Seventh-day Adventist in Goulburn, New South Wales. He attended Avondale College, the church's tertiary institution, completing a Bachelor's degree in theology. In 1973, the Olivers accepted a call to ministry in southern Queensland. They cared for churches in Maryborough and Hervey Bay, in southern Brisbane and on the Darling Downs over the next five years. Dr Oliver was ordained as a minister in 1976.

The church invited Dr Oliver to serve as district supervisor, evangelist and university chaplain for the Port Moresby district of Papua New Guinea at the end of 1978. He transferred to Rabaul as president of the church's New Britain New Ireland Mission after one year. Dr Oliver joined the Faculty of Theology at Avondale five years later and completed a Master's degree in religion.

The family moved to Andrews University in Michigan, USA, at the end of 1985. Here he completed a PhD in Christian ministry and mission with a focus on Adventist organisational structure. Dr Oliver then returned to Avondale for nine years. There he developed a comprehensive field-based training program integrating theory with practice in ministry and pioneered an effective form of comprehensive church-based evangelistic training.

Dr Oliver received the invitation to serve as General Secretary for the church in 1997 and then as President at the end of 2007. He has helped introduce reforms that have reduced administrative structures, releasing financial and human resources to better fulfil the mission of the church. He has also helped with a legal restructure of church entities including the Adventist Development and Relief Agency, Avondale and Sydney Adventist Hospital.

Dr Oliver continues to research. He has almost 100 publications in print.

Dr Oliver's personal vision is for a church that knows, experiences and shares its hope in Jesus Christ.

General Secretary - Lawrence Tanabose

Lawrence Tanabose has served Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Pacific as evangelist and continued to serve as teacher, youth director, chaplain, mission general secretary and president, union youth director, union secretary, union president and division general secretary. He is married to Rosina and has four children. He began serving as the Division general secretary in 2008.

Mr Tanabose, a Solomon Islander was born in Papua New Guinea to a missionary family there. He grew up in Papua New Guinea. His work started at Kukudu in the Western Solomon Mission as field evangelist in 1977. He continued working in Western Solomon Islands as teacher and chaplain in 1983 and then as a youth director in 1987. Going back to Papua New Guinea, he completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Theology at Pacific Adventist College in 1989 where he continued to work as a dean of students.

In 1991 Mr Tanabose went to Western Pacific Union Mission based in Honiara, Solomon Islands where for four years he worked as a youth and assistant health director.… During this time he also received his Advanced Diploma in Administration from Pacific Adventist University. He continued his Master of Arts studies with Avondale College, while being president of Eastern Solomon Islands.

The year 2002 brought a big change, when he was elected to be the general secretary of Trans-Pacific Union Mission as he and his family needed to move to Fiji. That responsibility increased in 2007 when he became president of this Union mission. However, even bigger change awaited Mr Tanabose the year after when he was called to serve God in the capacity of general secretary for the South Pacific Division, based in Sydney, Australia.

Mr Tanabose’s vision is for the church to be unified in their faith relationship with God and to become authentic disciples for Jesus Christ in responding to the felt needs of the world’s communities.




Chief financial officer - Mr Rodney Brady

Rodney Brady has served the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Pacific as an accountant, treasurer and chief financial officer. He is married to Kathryn and they have two adult children. He was appointed as the South Pacific Division Chief Financial Officer in 2000.

Mr Brady grew up in Melbourne, Victoria. He worked for a time with the Bank of New South Wales and, after leaving school, studied accounting part-time at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. He then attended Avondale College, the church's Cooranbong, New South Wales-based tertiary institution, completing a diploma of business.

Mr Brady has completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting and a Master of Arts in Leadership and Management. He is a member of CPA Australia and is committed to ongoing professional development.

Mr Brady has had either senior management or Board experience in nearly all aspects of the churches diverse activities throughout the South Pacific region which includes church administration, education, aged care, hospitals, media, manufacturing, legal/tax compliance, policy setting, investments and property management. This has required him to operate in different countries in different cross cultural environments.

In Australia Mr Brady has served as an Adventist Book Centre Manager; as the Accountant for the churches administrative offices in Victoria Tasmania and North New South Wales; Treasurer(CFO) of the Victorian Conference; Accountant of the Adventist Media Centre; Financial Controller of the Signs Publishing Company, the church's Warburton, Victoria-based publishing house.

Mr Brady has served overseas as the Accountant for the churches administrative office in Auckland, New Zealand (NNZ) and in Fiji at the churches regional Pacific offices (CPUM) as the Treasurer (CFO) and Communication Director.

Mr Brady was appointed as Associate Treasurer (1999) and Chief Financial Officer (2000) for the church in the South Pacific region. He has played an active role in major Division projects which includes changes to the Divisions financial management practices; major policy revisions; legal restructuring across the SPD and property development. His current position requires him to serve on boards, trusts and committees in a variety of capacities and in many countries.

Mr Brady's focus is to ensure the church makes the best and most efficient use of its financial resources and assets to fulfil its mission.

Associate General Secretary – Brad Kemp

Brad Kemp has served the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Pacific as minister, area supervisor, family ministries director, union secretary, Leadership and Pacific Resources Director and Institute of World Mission. He is married to Coralee and has two children. He began serving as the church’s associate general secretary in 2005.

Dr Kemp grew up in Western Australia where also, after completing his Bachelor of Religion degree with Avondale College in 1983, he started denominational work as an intern minister. A call to Papua New Guinea took him away from Western Australia in 1989.

In Papua New Guinea, he and his family stayed for twelve years. Dr Kemp served at first as the area supervisor in Goroka, Eastern Highlands Simbu Mission.  From 1991-1995 he was Department of Church Ministries and Family Ministries director and from 1996-2000 he was the General Secretary and communication director for the Papua New Guinea Union Mission.  It was during this time that he gained a Master of Arts in Religion degree with Andrews University offered at Avondale College and started his Doctor of Ministry program with Fuller Theological Seminary, which he completed in 2002.

At the conclusion of 2000 Dr Kemp and his family moved back to Australia. This time it was to be Sydney, South Pacific Division, where he was tasked with Leadership and Pacific Resource/Institute of World Mission in 2001, then in 2005 as associate general secretary, a position that he continues to hold.  In this role he has helped introduce changes to governance processes so that they better serve the mission of the church.

Dr Kemp’s vision for the church is to see it fulfil its missionary purpose by sharing the gospel in a loving and empowering way.





Associate Chief Financial Officer – Kelvin Peuser

Kelvin is proud to be known as a “Cooranbong kid” who grew up in Cooranbong, attended Avondale Primary School, Avondale High School and graduated from Avondale College.  He is married to Belinda, who he met when they were both students at Avondale High School.

Kelvin has more than 30 years of experience in the business and financial environment.  He graduated from Avondale College with a Diploma in Secondary Education in 1980, and spent a period of time teaching Commerce, Accounting, Economics, and Business Studies at high school and TAFE levels, both the Solomon Islands and Australia.

From business education he moved into the field of professional accounting in 1987, working in the Seventh-day Adventist Church as an assistant accountant, accountant, financial manager and financial administrator.  In this capacity he has also served in both Fiji and Australia in a number of positions, including a period of time as the Chief Financial Officer of Avondale College.

­­­He was appointed to the position of Associate Chief Financial Officer of the South Pacific Division in 2000.   In this role he is involved in the development and implementation of the Division’s financial plans.  Kelvin has also been responsible for the introduction of the church’s Electronic Tithes & Offerings Reporting System.  Most recently he has been involved in the development and implementation of plans to better utilise the key parcels of real estate controlled by the South Pacific Division, enhancing the church’s capacity to fulfil its mission in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific region.

Kelvin holds a degree in Secondary Education, is a Certified Practising Accountant, has a Master of Business Administration through the University of New England, and is a member of the Australian Institute of Management (AIM).

Kelvin’s goal is ensure that the resources which have been entrusted to the church are used to enable more people to know about Jesus.