Stewardship Resources


SPD Calendar of Offerings & Promotion
An outline of up and coming offering promotions and readings
that give a brief passage for introducing an offering.

Stewardship Audio & Visual Resources

PowerPoint program on Stewardship -
A PowerPoint presentation to give the viewer a general understanding of the basic principles of Christian Stewardship. Created and presented by Dr Erika Puni, Director of Stewardship for the General Conference.
“Let God Be God”
Biblical Stewardship Foundations Presented by Ben Maxson
This 3 DVD set is a comprehensive Stewardship training seminar geared for pastors, elders & teachers. Biblical Stewardship is about the reign of Jesus in our hearts – having a personal encounter and relationship with him.

Stewardship Books

“The Missing Connection”
– Benjamin C. Maxson

Have you ever felt a gap between your life and the reality of knowing Jesus Christ as Lord? Pr Ben Maxson shares years of study and exciting discoveries about what it means to know Jesus Christ as Partner and Lord.
“Ordinary People Extraordinary God”
Compiled & edited by Nathan Brown 
55 ordinary people tell their real-life stories of faith and commitment and how our extraordinary God deals with us as individuals. 55 examples of stewardship – One God who is Lord of our lives.

“Ordinary People Faithful God”
– Compiled & edited by Nathan Brown

60 Ordinary People, 60 Stories of Faith.Be amazed and inspired by our authors from around the division, sharing their experiences of God's leading in their lives. Paperback, 136 pages

Stewardship Publications, Newsletters and Articles

Articles on Stewardship
A selection of articles on the different aspects of Stewardship from the Record and Signs magazines.
Dynamic Steward Magazine
A quarterly publication containing many types of resources. The components are: application articles, book reviews, concept articles, editorials, lead articles, sermons & youth ideas.
StewPot Newsletter
Are you looking for practical ideas to help you become a better steward? The StewPot is a publication by the General Conference that highlights different ideas to becoming a good steward. 

Stewardship Websites

The General Conference
Stewardship Department
Here you will find more resources, ideas and presentations to help people learn about Stewardship.
Good $ense Ministries
presented by Willow Creek Association
"To empower local church leaders to build year-round, biblically-based financial stewardship ministries that facilitates spiritual growth and financial freedom."
Crown Financial Ministries (Christian Based)
"Equipping people worldwide to learn, apply, and teach God’s financial principles."