About Women's Ministries

Erna Johnson

Director of Womens Ministries & Prayer Ministries Coordinator 

Erna (nee Guðsteinsdóttir) Johnson was born and brought up in Iceland, she is a third generation Adventist.   She has a passion for Women’s Ministries and what Women’s Ministries can do to help women reach their potential.  She believes in equality of all God’s children.  Since her early childhood she has never been able to stand by and see anyone treated unfairly and is not afraid to speak up when needed.

Erna is married to Eddy, a minister and together they have worked for the Adventist church all over the world.  They have 2 children, Terry, Youth Director in Western Australia (wife, Kimberly and 2 children, Kyrstin and Alec) and Vanessa, ICU Nurse in Sydney (husband Jim and 3 children Daniel, Rachel and Joshua).  In 2003 Eddy and Erna adopted 3 granddaughters who had lost both sets of grandparents, Rebecca, Alysha and Victoria.

Erna has been involved in Women’s Ministries since 1997 – when she started WM in New Caledonia and continued there until December 2000.  At the beginning of 2002 she was appointed Director of WM at the New Zealand Pacific Union Conference where she worked until December 2004 when her husband was transferred to Sydney, Australia.  In March 2005 she took over the WM department at Greater Sydney Conference.   Erna has been Director of Women’s Ministries for the South Pacific Division since July 2008.


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